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The Book Of One


Indian mythology has always been and always will be a wellspring of inspiration to us all. The fascinating descriptions of the gods, the goddesses, the devas, the asuras and the worlds that are beyond human vision drove the artist and writer in us to plunge into recreating them in today’s world. A contemporary book designed to be a ready reckoner of our haloed pantheon, the 12 chapters from the almanac of our mythological heritage and our belief system. We hope gen-next will relate to and resonate with our artistic impressions and imaginative interpretations of the mod gods whose enduring philosophies always guide, shape and direct us. From past centuries to yuga’s yet to come.

Illustrated and designed with pure fervour by Vijayakumar Arumugam
Conceptualized and written with absolute belief by Meera Sharath Chandra
Created with unconditional faith and surrendered to the power of… the One.

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